About Me

CaveHill 052Hi, I’m Tory Stirling- wife to Mark and full time mummy to three wee beauties, Autumn (6), Noah (4) and Poppy (1).

Here’s some stuff I’m into and will probably write about on the blog;

True stories. I love to read, hear and share them because I think they matter. They’re important and they help us connect. True stories enable us to sift through all the fake and find little nuggets of truth.

Jesus. I love Him. I long to be more like Him. It does me good to stop and think about His truth and His radical grace. I believe He enables me to take off my mask and stop pretending.

The value of slow. Lately I’ve been on a journey discovering how to be still and allowing myself time to notice and listen and think. It sounds very simple but it is actually so very difficult. I fail miserably on a daily basis. But I’m determined to try.

Motherhood. This is my season and I’m embracing it with the help of good coffee and chocolate. Looking after three small children is sort of simultaneously beautiful and bonkers. Some days are pretty great and I half expect Jo Frost to show up at my door with an award for excellent mothering. Some days I hide in the cupboard under the stairs….rocking to and fro…. eating a Funsize Mars Bar.


So, my friends, this blog won’t be all professional and shiny. I don’t have the time, patience or skill needed for any of that.  It’s intended for those of us who are slightly ‘unpolished’ and maybe a little ragged round the edges. It’s for those who are done with the façade of being perfect. And it feels good to stop taking ourselves so seriously.  Because the truth is we live loved by a God who takes our big scruffy mess and makes it beautiful.

I’m going to show up here as often as I can to write about the flaws and the mess, because every single time they lead me back to this truth – I am known and loved by a perfect God of grace, who offers me freedom and joy, endless possibilities and hope.


Here’s a few things I like: Family, bedtime stories, Indian takeaways, Homeland, christmas trees, conversation, bubble baths, brownies, flip flops, date nights, IKEA, a good read, coffee, an open fire, black and white photos, Spoon Street, picnics, thoughts about exercise, brunch, the cinema, Summertime, lie-ins.

Thanks for stopping by and having a read! 


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